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Congratulations to this years Queens Venturer Award Recipients

Every year, a small group of venturers from across the country achieve an award known as the Queens Venturer Award. This award is one that involves significant effort on thepart of the youth to go above and beyond in their community as well as in their scouting lives. Vollunteer hours and eduction of the world around them are just some of the ways that these youth contribute to society while completing the requirments to this award. The QVA is no small feat and it should not be taken lightly. Each individual has shown tremendous effort in their respective projects in order to complete the award. Below, we have listed those youth from the Pacific Coast Council who have completed the requirments for the Queens Venturer Award. Please take a moment to reflect and admire those venturers who have done so much to achieve this. 

Alyanna Kassam
Alyssa Mawji
Tahira Simmons
Ziyana Kassam
Matthew Lee
Wesley Xiao
Alexander Mendes
Rowan Bapty
Ethan Russell
Samuel Adam
Tristan Belsey
Adrian Chen
Zhi Xin Guo
Zoey Situ
Benjamin Reimer
Matteo Bombelli
Alexander Macdonnell
Rowan Lyon-Levens
Scott Howey
Desmond Ho
Jason Li
Terrence Leong

The Queens Venturer Award is no small achievment. Each of the above named recipients on top of their award have also been awarded 4 credits towards the elective portion of their secondary school transcript. We thank you for attending the event and we look forward to seeing you at council events in the future.

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