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Steve Busch

Steve is a Group Support  Scouter in Regina. He has been involved in the scouting movement since 1993.
Starting out as a group committee treasurer then Beaver leader with the Swift Current 6, then parent helper with Moose Jaw 20, then cub, scout, venturer advisor and group committee with Regina 87 before moving over to Wascappelle Area as an program specialist around 2005. He has attended CJ'01 as well as Wilderness Rendezvous, Campanoe and Wood Badge II  Family Camp. Over the past 17 years he  created the Wascapelle Amazing Race (scouts and venturer), Pie Iron Challenge (venturer) and the All Night Laser Quest Challenge (venturer and rover), events that continue to this day.
He is excited to see where the future of scouting is heading and helping everyone get there.