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Something magical, this way comes…
Let the Quest begin, October 3!
Scouter's Guide

Get your game plan for all the activities to plan and prepare your Section’s Quest!

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The dreaded Dragon has woken from its hundred-year slumber and is wreaking havoc in all the land. Only the Cosmo Crest can lull the Dragon back to sleep!

To face each week’s challenge, youth must unlock the power of one of the Forces of Nature to overcome the task at hand, choosing from Wind, Water, Earth, Fire.

The Dragon Trail Quest will bring Sections on a five-week voyage, traversing the mystical lands of a fantastical world to face challenges as a team, discover their personal strengths and find a way to lull the Dragon back to sleep, saving the land.

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Quest Events

Don’t miss out on Info Sessions to help Scouters navigate this Quest, along with fun Mug-Ups, kicking off this August!

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