Scouter Continues to Lead and Inspire Amid Struggle with Cancer

March 02, 2018


“We need to keep looking for younger people as leaders. That’s what I’m in it for, so when I get to my ripe, ripe old age, I know the world’s in good hands.”

Scouts Canada recently honoured Scouter Andy Ackerman with the Award for Fortitude. Not only has Scouter Andy shown integrity and charisma in his guidance, but he has helped Scouting youth develop skills to prepare them for future success.

Over the last year, Scouter Andy has continued to serve the Scouting community amidst his struggle with cancer. His devotion and optimism are nothing short of remarkable, and Scouts Canada is truly fortunate to know that Scouters like Andy play a large role in youth’s lives.


Read his story in the Alaska Highway News.