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During the current Scouting Year, Scouts Canada will continue to roll out integrated staff and volunteer functional teams across various departments to help us further drive our Mission and Vision. To ensure Councils and Group Commissioners can focus on Group Health, functional teams have been developed to manage projects beyond this scope.

These advisory networks, made up of subject matter experts across Canada, will assist with Council needs beyond Group Health, namely: Properties, Communications, Program & Volunteer Engagement and Events.

Through functional teams, Scouts Canada is able to achieve a centralized, standardized approach to further supporting a vibrant Scouting community nation-wide.

Program Functional Team

The Program Support Functional Team will operate as a network of subject matter experts across Canada, ready to provide our membership with relevant, up-to-date resources and support.

More information coming soon.

Équipe fonctionnelle des communications

Des communications standardisées, intégrées et uniformes d’un bout à l’autre du pays.

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