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Grizzly Den
Creating Next Level Adventures Across Ontario!


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Please check your Junk folder for the auto-email with the upload link.

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Submissions must include the following information:

Trip Plan — This document outlines the details of the planned adventure; things like the where, when, how and who. This should be a youth-led initiative, as the ‘Grizzlies’ will be looking for elements that demonstrate that this has been planned by the youth. The Trip Plan can be a document, PowerPoint Presentation, video, or similar. (Adventure Application Form)

Emergency Response Plan — This must be attached with your submission and it must include a completed Risk Identification and Management Plan. (Emergency Response Plan and Risk Identification)

Procurement Plan — This document outlines any plan to procure training, certificates or equipment that may be required for your adventure.

Detailed Budget — This document must outline a fully costed budget for the adventure, including how additional funding will be secured, if necessary.

Alternative Funding — This document outlines a plan for securing funding for the adventure should you not receive an investment from the Grizzly Den.

Pictures or video of the Brainstorming Activity — This should be a youth-led initiative and demonstrate that the youth have brainstormed and planned their adventure idea.

Don’t forget, this should be a youth-lead initiative and the planned adventure should be one that the youth have brainstormed, planned and are excited about undertaking!

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How much funding can our Section expect to receive if we have a successful submission?

It depends. There is no set amount Sections can receive, and amounts awarded will be dependent on the quality and quantity of submissions. The maximum a Section can expect to be funded is 90% of the total cost. For example, if an out-of- camping adventure is budgeted at $6000, and they provide a robust submission, they may be awarded 90% or $5400. 


Will the ‘Grizzlies’ award partial funds?

Yes. In most cases, most Sections will receive partial funding for their adventure, up to a maximum of 90% of the total cost. Groups that have put thought into their adventures and have demonstrated their commitment to it by also investing in their adventure through fundraising are more likely to receive funds. Therefore, it’s important to include a plan for additional funding as the Grizzly Den will only provide partial funding. 


Why are only Sections in Ontario allowed to participate?

The Grizzly Den program is generously funded by support from Hydro One, which is an Ontario focused company. We are currently looking at launching similar initiatives in other provinces with other program partners. Stay tuned! 


Our Section is already fund-raising to support a trip abroad (ie. WJ’23), can we apply to the Grizzly Den for additional funding for this event?

Yes, you can, however priority will be given to adventures that are new and that demonstrate that youth have helped plan the adventure from start to finish. A Jamboree would not be considered a new type of adventure. 


What if we need to postpone our adventure due to COVID?

The Grizzlies recognize the current global pandemic presents challenges for the planning and partaking in in-person adventures and that there is a possibility that an adventure may not go ahead this year. The funding could be used for the adventure in the following year. 


This sounds like it’s more for the older Sections, what about Beavers and Cubs?

The Grizzly Den is for all Sections, including Beavers and Cubs. Planned adventures should be age-appropriate and fall within the realistic skill level of the youth involved. An afternoon canoe trip might be too simple for experienced Scouts, but it could be an amazing first-paddling adventure for Beavers!


Can we apply more than once for different adventures?

Absolutely. Planning the adventures is half the fun. We hope to be able to offer this funding annually and Groups can create and apply for as many adventures as they like. 


Our Section is planning a really amazing adventure, but the adventure is also new for some of our Scouters, does the Grizzly Den offer support and guidance?

Yes! The Grizzly Den doesn’t just stop at funding. The ‘Grizzlies’ are seasoned along with other professionals and will support and mentor Scouters throughout their adventure process, ensuring that the Scouters and youth are properly prepared to have a safe and memorable adventure.


Does our adventure have to take place in 2022?

No! The adventure could take place in 2023 if it makes the most sense for your Section and your Adventure Plan. All adventures supported by the Grizzly Den must be completed by May 31, 2023.