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Say Yes to Imagination!

Kids have zany ideas — and we’re here for it. That’s why we let them lead the way. From animal tracking to campfire building and beyond, we help them unleash their wildest ideas.

Let’s get Scouting.

Plug Into
the Real World

In a world where kids spend more time online, disconnected from reality, Scouts give kids a space to reconnect with the outdoors. A place to connect with nature, bond with new friends, and develop skill sets that prepares them for real life.

Hiking — Bring it to Life
Brign it to Life — Tree Planting

Helping today’s young leaders lead the way

At Scouts, teamwork helps kids connect to the best parts of themselves and lead the way for positive change within their communities. From planting trees to building a shelter, we create a space that nurtures today’s community leaders.

The World at
Their Fingertips

Kids are capable of anything if you give them the opportunity and a safe space to do it. A place to safely explore the world around them through hands-on experiences, where outdoor skills meet creativity and STEM.

Brign it to Life — Campfire

“I wanted to see a cave because bears live in caves. And then we actually went in a cave. It was so cool. Best. Day. Ever”
— Jesse M., Cub Scout, Age 7

Youth on a rope bridge

Playing it safe.

As Canada’s leading co-ed youth organization, we make it our priority to create an environment for our members that’s both fun and safe. Our activities follow comprehensive policies, resources, and guidelines to make them as safe as possible — so you can rest easy knowing that your Scouts are in safe hands.


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