Novel Coronavirus — September 18, 2020 Update: Explore Scouts Canada’s actions as we continue to follow the direction of government and health agencies in maintaining public health. View recommendations and stay informed here.

Welcome Back to Scouting Resources

The wait is over.

Scouts Canada is excited to welcome you back to outdoor Scouting in September. We hope you are as pumped as we are to embark on NEW and SAFE outdoor adventures.

Scouts Canada has developed a comprehensive set of resources to help Scouters feel prepared for Scouting amid STAGE 2 guidelines, and reassure families that we continue to deliver a fun, educational and safe program for the fall.

An Improved Outdoor Experience

Scouts Canada has developed 12 weeks of play-by-play outdoor meeting scripts for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

These templates outline age appropriate activities that follow our STAGE 2 standards while bringing our program to life.


An Improved Virtual Experience

Scouts Canada has developed 8 weeks of play-by-play virtual meeting scripts for Beavers and Cubs.

These templates bring our program to life in new ways using virtual meetings in case weather or other circumstances force us indoors.


Safe Scouting During COVID-19 Tools

It takes a lot of planning to create fun and safe meetings, with a little extra during these unprecedented times. These additional resources have been developed for Scouters by Scouts Canada to help you prepare safe meetings that meet our current Standards.

Provincial Operational Plans

Some provinces require the development of operational plans specific to business and services in their province. The PDF below provides all the information required for those provinces that require Provincial Operational plans (currently British Columbia and New Brunswick). In addition — the download provides a pdf copy of all the compiled materials that can be used to show to an authorised health authority or occupational health inspector on request.


Provincial Operating Plans — Combined

Book your next outdoor Scouting adventure!

As part of Scouts Canada’s Return to Scouting, a limited number of properties will open for Scouts Canada members ONLY at this time, supporting safer outdoor Scouting adventures.

These properties have completed an application process and demonstrated that they are in a location capable of supporting many Groups for both evening and weekend activities and following the guidelines Scouts Canada has released for safe Scouting.  Discover open camps for your Group!

Discover Camps

Learning Series — for SCOUTERS ONLY

Join us for a Scouters Mug-Up 

The Program Support Team is excited to be hosting Scouters Mug-Ups. Grab your mug and join us for an evening chat of tips, tricks and share your experiences for your return to Scouting this fall. Gather virtually with fellow Section Scouters to explore new resources and discover some great ideas. 

*Before attending the webinars, Scouters are strongly encouraged to complete the “Welcome Back to Scouting 2020!” course and watch the Return to Scouting Webinar Presentation Videos on the David Huestis Learning Centre


If you have questions, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.