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Scouts Canada Announces the Dates for Early Registration for 2022

May 19, 2021

Just in time to leverage an exciting fall program

It is with great anticipation that Scouts Canada announces that we will open early registration for the 2022 Scouting Year on September 1, 2021. This is not a new process, for years, Scouts Canada has provided early registration for current and new members in May. The only difference this year is that the dates have changed due to the shift in Registration Year from (September-August) to (January-December).

As in years past, current registered members will have a two-week window to secure their spot with their Group. After which, on September 15, 2021, registration will be open for new and lapsed members. Everyone can register for 2022 when it is convenient for them - all the way into January 2022 and beyond.

The cost of the program will remain the same $230 per child for the year, with $15 per registered youth going back to the Group to fund their adventures.*

*(Some Groups may charge extra fees to cover programming)


Exciting Fall Program

Scouts Canada anticipates that most of the country will be able to return to in-person Scouting this September. In addition to the traditional Scouting program that helps develop critical leadership skills, Scouts Canada will be launching an exciting national event in October that invites youth to learn more about sustainability through fun “challenge” type activities. Sections and Groups will be competing for prizes and bragging rights.

In addition to the national event, Scouts Canada is preparing a Scouter and Group Commissioner program to help support our amazing volunteers throughout the fall and into the winter. More info will be released in June and later this summer.


Scouting is Needed Now More Than Ever

Throughout the 2021 Scouting Year, we have been inspired by our volunteers, staff and our youth who have continued to participate in program despite many challenges. Seeing those happy and wonderous faces, learning new skills and mostly just having fun has been rewarding. No other activity offers a non-formal learning program like Scouts.  Scouting is not an activity or a setting—it’s a discovery. Leading a variety of fun adventures with friends, Scouts discover what they are capable of and how it connects with the communities in which they live. 


2022 Early Registration FAQ

Scouting has always had a challenge with retention, especially between Sections (see chart below).

Moving to a calendar year registration is an opportunity to pilot a suggestion that has been recommended over the years to deal with this issue. Despite efforts to improve linking and integration of programming between Sections via the Canadian path, many parents continue to see the end of a Section and/or achievement of the Top Section Award as the end of their child’s Scouting journey versus a milestone.  In addition, there is a natural apprehension felt by children and youth when it comes to joining a totally new group of kids and moving from the top back to the bottom of the totem pole. 

By adopting a calendar year registration period, we aim to achieve the following:

  • Remove the financial barrier to retention between Sections; make it easier for youth to try out programming in the next Section, get hooked based on their own experience, and renew their membership after benefiting from 3-4 months of programming in the next Section.
  • Increase the likelihood of year-round Scouting programming; we know that the traditional membership year has encouraged wrap-up of programming aligned with the end of the school year. By having memberships span the calendar year, we hope this will encourage more Sections and Groups to adopt year-round Scouting programs, providing amazing Scouting adventures in the summer. 

NOTE: Summer programming doesn’t have to include meetings every week, a summer camping adventure or 2 or three great summer activities will keep the youth engaged and will allow for diversity within your program.

The fee remains the same and has not changed despite increases in cost of operations. The yearly membership fee is $230 for each youth registered with $15 for each membership going back to Groups to help support fun adventures. *

*(Some Groups may charge extra fees to cover programming)

The value of Scouting is much greater than the fee. Youth who are registered in Scouting gain valuable skills through a fun and engaging non-formal program that prepares them for success in the future.

Scouts Canada offers a membership fee subsidy for low-income families called, ‘No One Left Behind.’ To qualify for the No One Left Behind (NOLB) subsidy, members must complete a Low Income Cut Off test that is confidential. Applications for the NOLB are submitted during the registration process and are processed immediately. To find out more, please visit:

Youth that have been Scouting with us throughout 2021 have benefited from amazing adventures already, such as The Great 8 Challenge and numerous creative virtual and/or in-person programming developed by our dedicated Scouters. Youth have developed leadership skills and resilience as well as friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Youth that have been Scouting in 2021 had something to look forward to amid disruption in their lives.

If you registered in Scouting in January 2021, your membership is valid until December 2021. You are under no obligation to renew until January 2022.

However, if you know you will continue Scouting in 2022, and you wish to register early to get it done – you will have the opportunity to do so starting September 1, 2021.

All Scouting members were offered free Scouting from September 2020 to January 2021. Many families did not feel comfortable to return to Scouting due to concerns regarding the pandemic.

Scouts Canada has always offered early registration (typically in May) where new members had the opportunity to start Scouting before the actual registration year kicked in (typically in September). This year is no different. The only thing that changes are the dates. We are now offering early registration in September before the actual registration year kicks in (January 2022).

Scouting is needed now more than ever, and our mission and vision has never been so critical. To fulfill that mission Scouts Canada is reaching out to as many children as possible to support the development of critical life skills that will make them the leaders of tomorrow and help make the world better.

As such, we want to eliminate barriers to registration where we can and enable as many youths as possible to benefit from the value of Scouting.

Early registration allows Groups to plan for the upcoming 2022 Scouting Year and enables as many youths as possible to enjoy the benefits of Scouting.

Scouts Canada’s membership runs on an annual basis from January to December. Not many other youth activities are offered for a full year at such a low cost and offering so much value and benefit.  Current members can continue Scouting and sign up for 2022 when it is most convenient for them – whether that be in September 2021 up until January 2022.

Scouts Canada will continue to follow the guidance of municipal and provincial guidelines with respect to safety of all our members. We cannot predict the course of the pandemic – we can commit to doing everything necessary to continue to provide fun adventures that enable youth to develop skills that will make them successful in the future. 

Scouts Canada is continually reviewing reopening plans for properties based on their individual circumstances. We have 20 properties that are currently available for adventures as restrictions are lifted, we will continue to reopen properties that make sense for the organization.

The Beaver Scout program is for youth aged 5-7. To register for the Scouting year beginning January 1, 2022, youth must be born on or before December 31, 2016. 

Your Group Commissioner can transfer your role in MyScouts to the next Section when you move up in September. The correct Section will be offered to you automatically while registering for the 2022 Scouting Year that runs from January 1 to December 31.

(Note: this isn’t a change in process. Swim up logic in the system hasn’t changed at all, only thing that changed is that the Program Year and Registration Year are no longer aligned).