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September 26, 2022

OTTAWA, ON – September 26, 2022...Scouts Canada (the country’s leading co-ed youth organization) surveyed its members to definitively name Canada’s most ‘Scout badge-worthy’ celebrities of 2022 and define why they deserved the declaration. The results created a compelling cohort of Canadian celebrities, from actors to athletes and advocates. 

“We celebrate the accomplishments of our Scouting youth and volunteers regularly with achievement badges for personal progression, leadership, outdoor adventure skills and more; there seemed to be a great opportunity to recognize Canadian public figures that reflect the core values of Scouting,” said Justin Chenier, Scouts Canada’s National Youth Commissioner. “Scouting gives kids a world of opportunities to discover what they’re great at, their ‘thing’. These public figures have not only found their thing, but they’ve also demonstrated admirable qualities that inspire Canadians.”

A one-of-a-kind Scouts Canada badge will be physically created and sent to each winner (see images below)


 a) 2022’s most ‘Scout Badge-Worthy’ Canadian celebrity (nominated by the Scouting community):

Autumn Peltier (Anishinaabe leader, water protector and climate activist)

Scout Badge Awarded: ‘Rising Tide’

Autumn was only 12 years old in 2016 when she met with PM Justin Trudeau to address his unfulfilled promise to “protect the water”. Since then, she remains vocal on the global stage and at home to advocate for clean drinking water.
As the Chief Water Commissioner for Anishinabek Nation in Ontario, Autumn is an outstanding example of what youth are capable of as today’s leaders, and the immense impact can achieve.

b) The nine other most badge-worthy Canadians of 2022


1) Ryan Reynolds (Actor, Businessman, Advertising Magnate, Family Man, Comedian)

Scout Badge Awarded: ‘Quintuple Threat’


  • 45.54% Quintuple Threat (actor, businessman, advertising magnate, family man, comedian.)
  • 36.85% Keeping Canadians Sarcastic (Need we say more?)
  • 10.56% Most Marvellous Antihero (Deadpool)
  • 7.05% Other


 2) Céline Dion (Singer)

Scout Badge Awarded: ‘Cœur du Canada’


  • 43.90% ‘Cœur du Canada’ (For being proudly Canadian no matter where in the world she is performing.)
  • 39.91% Signature Sound (When you hear that distinct voice, you can always tell it’s Céline!)
  • 9.51% Staying in the Spotlight (With her first public performance in 1973 at the age of five, Céline’s long standing career has adapted to keep her dazzling and a commanding presence on global stages.)
  • 6.69% Other


 3) Keanu Reeves (Actor)

Scout Badge Awarded: ‘One’derfully Kind’


  • 54.23% ‘One’derfully Kind (Keanu is renowned for his philanthropy, donating a significant amount of his earnings from the first The Matrix movie to cancer research. His generosity continues to support children’s hospitals, as well as cancer charities and research.)
  • 27.23% ‘Most Excellent’ Canadian (starring as characters that range from comedic films like Bill & Ted to drama-action films like John Wick, his versatile talent is truly excellent.)
  • 14.08% Tough Canuck (For making Canadians look a little tougher, thanks to his stellar stunts.)
  • 4.46% Other


4) Terry Fox (Athlete, Activist, Humanitarian)

Scout Badge Awarded: ‘Bringing Canadians Together’


  • 41.53% Bringing Canadians Together (Terry’s resiliency and determination united the country in support of his Marathon of Hope.)
  • 31.97% Longest Running Hero (As an athlete, humanitarian and cancer research activist, Terry’s inspiring legacy will never fade.)
  • 22.54% Timeless Champ (Many people aren’t aware that he was Métis, and posthumously awarded the high honour, Order of the Sash, for his achievements.)
  • 3.96% Other


5) Elliot Page (Actor, LGBTQA2+ Icon)

Scout Badge Awarded: ‘To Thine Self Be True’


  • 56.92% To Thine Self Be True (for celebrating authenticity and showcasing bravery, educating Canadians on what it means to be allies.)
  • 11.03% Ju-know’ It’s Talent When… (Fourth youngest nominee for a ‘Best’ performer category at the Academy Awards.)
  • 22.09% Most Likely to Inspire (Elliot speaks out about various value-related passions.)
  • 9.15% Other    


6) Sandra Oh (Actor)

Scout Badge Awarded: ‘Standing OHvation’


  • 51.78% Standing OHvation (Sandra was the first female performer of Asian descent to be nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award (Outstanding Lead Actress - Drama Series) and the first woman of Asian descent to win two Golden Globes.
  • 25.96% ShOHstopper (Sandra has received numerous awards in Canada, including: Governor General’s Performing Arts Award, named an officer of the Order of Canada and given the key to the city in Ottawa by Mayor Watson.)
  • 16.08% Talented Trailblazer (A celebrated Canadian performer, Sandra has played iconic roles on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Killing Eve, The Chair and starred in highly regarded films like Sideways.)
  • 5.46% Other


 7) Dan Levy (Writer, Actor, Comedian, Activist, LGBTQA2+ Icon)

Scout Badge Awarded: ‘Funny, Fabulous, Formidable’


  • 57.75% Funny, Fabulous, Formidable (Performer, writer, director, producer, comedian (Schitt’s Creek was just the start!), the list goes on…)
  • 17.49% ‘Best-Dressed Activist(Dan is a known LGBTQA2+ activist—and happens to be wonderfully fashion-forward too.)
  • 16.78% Quickest Wit of The Six (Toronto-born, Dan’s cleverly timed comedy delivers laughs every time).
  • 7.98% Other


 8) Crystal Emmanuel (Athlete, Olympian)

Scout Badge Awarded: ‘Stellar Speedster’


  • 58.74% Stellar Speedster(Sprinting in three Olympic games, World Championships and numerous renown competitions, Crystal’s drive is unstoppable.)              
  • 31.42% Crystal Clear Empowerment(Her personal brand focuses on women’s empowerment and self-love.)
  • 9.84% Other


 9) Iman Vellani (Actor, Ms. Marvel)

Scout Badge Awarded: ‘Marvelous Rookie’


  • 54.64% Marvelous Rookie (Being cast in a high-profile television role in her teens and the most recent recruit to join the Marvel universe as Ms. Marvel, Iman is a shining example that youth can achieve anything they set their minds to.)
  • 34.43% Confident & Capable (It takes courage to chase your dreams, and confidence in your own capability, to reach them. Teenage Iman Vellani joins Disney’s universe as the lead protagonist, Ms. Marvel, in the new The Marvels series.)
  • 10.93% Other


See associated high-resolution images here

“We had a lot of excellent suggestions from Canadians about who they’d like to award a Scout badge to,” added Chenier, “Some of the top suggestions were: Sarah McLachlan, Mike Myers, Shania Twain, Martin Short, Bryan Adams, Clara Hughes, Buffy St. Marie, Mr. Dressup, Roberta Bondar and (the other Ryan) Ryan Gosling.”


Photo Credits: Images have been cropped by Scouts Canada. Original photos taken by:

(Dan Levy) - City Life Magazine

(Crystal Emmanuel) - Canadian Press/Mark Blinch

(Autumn Peltier) – Maryam Southam

(Sandra Oh) – Leeor Wild for S Magazine

(Elliot Page) – Elliot Page

(Keanu Reeves) - BRANDON STANCIELL for People Magazine

(Céline Dion) – Denise Truscello

(Ryan Reynolds) – Ryan Reynolds


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