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Fire at Tamaracouta Scout Reserve

May 06, 2024

Last Update: May 6, 12:00pm EST

Media Contact: Anissa Stambouli, 

As you may have heard, during the afternoon of May 4th, the fire department and Surete du Quebec responded to a fire at Tamaracouta Scout Reserve (TSR). While there were no injuries and the fire was isolated to a single building, we are saddened to share that the main office lodge has been completely and irreparably damaged. 

This building has a strong Scouting history, even hosting the 2007 Canadian Jamboree, and holds a special place in the hearts of many. Those who experienced the adventure of past camps at TSR fondly remember this gathering place as a hub for friendship, camp traditions, decorative memorabilia and more. 

At this time the cause of the fire is unknown. Scouts Canada is supporting the police in their investigation of the cause of the fire and in the meantime, we will be fencing off the site as it is exposed and near the public road. Members will be updated once more information is brought to light regarding the incident. 

The camp and property have been closed and secured since 2018 with no activities taking place on the premises. Since its closure, TSR continues to receive visits by the staff warden five days each week for maintenance and security. In 2023, Scouts Canada’s Board of Governors approved a mandate to sell TSR and is currently engaged in the real estate process. 

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the volunteer firefighters of Mille-Iles’ Fire Safety Service for their efforts. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How did this happen?

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. Scouts Canada is supporting the Surete du Quebec in their investigation and will update our Quebec Council membership once more information is brought to light on this issue.

Has the property been maintained since closing in 2018?

TSR receives visits by the staff warden five days each week for maintenance and security. The warden ensures ongoing property upkeep, including snow removal, grass-cutting and vehicle maintenance.

Have there been security measures in place to prevent incidents like this, since the property’s closing?

Despite five visits each week from the staff warden and our efforts to keep entryways secure, maintain the property, post signs warning against trespassing, and blocking access for vehicles to drive onsite or to the boat launch, unauthorized visits still occur periodically. We are aware that there have been reports of theft, vandalism and trespassing since TSR closed and we continue to ask neighbours to report any security incidents directly to local authorities, as one would for any other incident in the neighbourhood.

What is the extent of the damage?

The damage has impacted a single building, the main office lodge. As the lodge foundation hole is exposed and near a public road, Scouts Canada will fence off the area for safety.

How much will it cost to re-build the lodge?

As the Board of Governors has approved a mandate to sell TSR, Scouts Canada does not plan to reconstruct the lodge. While Colliers continues to manage the real estate process, the damages of the fire will be considered accordingly.

Do the police have any leads?

Given the recent occurrence of the incident, we have no further information at this time. We continue to support them in any way we can as they conduct their investigation and will update our members when key milestones are reached.