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The Grizzly Den Competition

What is the Grizzly Den?

The Grizzly Den is a unique opportunity for Sections in Northern Lights Council to take their adventures to the next level. Generously supported by the Northern Lights Scout Foundation and Scouts Canada, Sections will pitch their adventure ideas to the ‘Grizzlies’ – a group of seasoned Scouters and members of the Northern Light Scout Foundation – and the ‘Grizzlies’ will award Sections a dollar amount to put towards their amazing adventure!


Which Sections are eligible to participate in the Grizzly Den this year?

This year, thanks to the generous support of the Northern Lights Scout Foundation, all sections in Northern Lights Council are eligible. That includes Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, and Rovers! The Grizzly Den competition is divided into two sections:

  • Ursa Minor - Adventure Pitches for Beaver & Cub troops
  • Ursa Major - Adventure Pitches for Scout, Venturer,& Rover troops

How do groups participate?

The group or section must submit a proposal to the Northern Lights Grizzly Den on or before February 15th, 2024.

  • Ursa Minor applications will be reviewed between January 15-30th, and funding will be announced by February 20.
  • The Grizzlies have put together some sample Adventure applications for Beaver/Cub Sections. These are recommendations to help you build out a great Adventure proposal, remember to add your own unique flair!

Grizzly Den Beaver Section Adventure Application

Grizzly Den Cub Section Adventure Application

Need help budgeting for your Adventure?

Adventure Budget.xlsx

  • Ursa Major There is no application template as we want to encourage the freedom of creative pitches! Proposals can be in any form - written, digital, video, etc. Your proposal should tell the panel what the adventure is, who is going, how you have been preparing for it, how it relates to Scouting, safety considerations, and a budget. Proposals should be emailed to
  • Ursa Major proposals who pass the pre-screening requirements will have the opportunity to pitch their adventure to a panel of judges (the Grizzlies) in February, who will determine how much they will “invest” in that group’s adventure. All groups who submit a proposal will receive mentorship from the Grizzlies in planning their adventure.

How much funding could the ‘Grizzlies’ invest in our Section’s adventure?

The amount of funding will depend on how many Sections make it past the pre-screening phase and what type of adventures they are pitching. The Grizzly Den is not designed to fund the entire adventure, but rather to provide additional funding to encourage groups to take their adventures to the next level.

Can multiple Sections partner together on one application?

Yes, if the adventure is age-appropriate for all participants.

Why are other Councils not eligible to participate in the Grizzly Den this year?

The Grizzly Den is generously funded this year by the Northern Lights Scout Foundation and applications will be accepted from Sections in Northern Lights. Scouts Canada is currently looking at launching similar initiatives in other Councils and other provinces with program partners. Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in more information about the Grizzly Den program, we encourage all scouters and youth to attend our upcoming information session! Learn more about the program, how to apply, and how your adventure will be judged:

Click HERE to register for Wednesday, November 8th 7:30-8:30pm MST 

Council Key 3s and Relationship Managers will receive a recording of the information session to share with their Scouters in the days following the session.

What if my Section needs help planning our adventure?

Send an email to letting the ‘Grizzlies’ know you are interested but need some help creating an adventure application. A member of the ‘Grizzlies’ will reach out to your Section to offer support.

Who are the ‘Grizzlies’?

Made up of seasoned Scouters, youth and representatives from the Northern Lights Scout Foundation, the ‘Grizzlies’ will review applications and judge the pitching process.


What types of adventures are the ‘Grizzlies’ looking to fund?

The goal of the Grizzly Den is to think big, real big! This isn’t your weekend camping adventure or trip to the amusement park. This program is all about next-level adventures–we’re talking bucket list stuff!

Multi-day paddling excursions? Yup! Backwoods camping out of province? Yup! Other ideas include Beavers spending the night in Edmonton at a museum or science centre, Cubs getting outdoors in the winter to go dogsledding, Scouts participating in a white-water canoe course, and Ventures going on a 7-day trek out of the Province.

The date of your planned adventure must occur between May 1st and December 31, 2024.
Note that the Grizzly Den will not fund adventures that have already taken place.



Our Section is already fundraising to support a trip abroad (i.e. World Scout Jamboree). Can we apply to the Grizzly Den for additional funding for this event?

Yes, international adventures are eligible to receive funding.


What is the goal of the Grizzly Den?

The goal of the Grizzly Den is to encourage and support as many safe, outdoor adventures to more Scouting youth in Northern Lights Council as possible. By providing extra funding, the Grizzly Den hopes to remove financial barriers and elevate the outdoor Scouting spirit to new levels.


We have already completed most of our fundraising. Why should we pitch to the Grizzly Den?

The Grizzly Den provides more than just funding. The Grizzlies are all experts in Scouting adventures and will be able to provide “smart money” and expertise that will help ensure your group is successful on their adventure. Every group that applies to the Grizzly Den will receive guidance and mentorship from the Grizzlies.


The Grizzlies may be reached at