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Our Scouters and volunteers are the backbone of Scouts Canada. We appreciate all of the hard work and planning that goes into making the Scout Popcorn Program successful every year. We have made a variety of materials and information available to you to help you plan and promote your Scout Popcorn Program.

Popcorn Campaign Kit

The Scout Popcorn Toolkit will help to reach and exceed your fundraising goals. With resources for the PLAN, DO, and REVIEW phase, the kit includes everything you need for a successful campaign, which means, even more great Scouting adventures! For (digital or print) order forms and envelopes, be sure to contact your Council Popcorn Coordinator.

We’ve put all the materials you need to get your campaign started! Materials like:
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Safety First

Safety Tips: Your safety is more important than any fundraising goal!

  • NEVER enter anyone's home
  • NEVER sell after dark unless you are with an adult
  • NEVER carry large amounts of cash with you
  • NEVER give personal information
  • NEVER sell in front of stores or malls without permission. A responsible adult must be present
  • NEVER sell at stop lights or street corners
  • NEVER go to dimly lit areas or places where you are not clearly visible
  • ALWAYS walk on the sidewalk and driveway
  • ALWAYS sell with another Scout or with an adult you know
  • ALWAYS notify your parent or group leader of any strange activity immediately
  • ALWAYS walk away from any dangerous or uncomfortable situations
  • ALWAYS fundraise in areas you know
  • Make a list of friends, family, relatives to contact whenever it is not possible to sell door-to-door in a safe manner.
Fundraising Tips

Selling Scout Popcorn

Here are some helpful ways to sell Scout Popcorn.

1. Take Order

This is the most traditional way of selling. This type of selling involves going door-to-door with the take order form which you receive from your Leader or Council. Your customer chooses the product(s) he or she wishes to buy and writes the order on your form. You should collect the money when the customer places the order and confirm with them the expected delivery time.

Advantages: Provides a personal connection with your customers allowing them more opportunity to support you in your fundraising initiative.

2. Show and Sell

Remember to first get permission to sell in front of a store or in the local mall Once you get the go-ahead, your local Group can set up a display with Scout Popcorn for people to purchase as they walk by. Be sure to have plenty of products on hand and samples for people to taste. You don’t want to run out!

Advantages: Gives you access to a large number of potential customers and helps promote Scouts Canada in your community.

3. Show and Deliver

This method is similar to Take Order but you bring some Scout Popcorn along with you when you sell. When your customer orders something off the order form, check the products you have with you to see if you can deliver the product immediately.

Advantage: No return trip required for product delivery and money collection.

4. Selling at Work

Ask your parent/guardian to bring an order form to their workplace. Their co-workers can fill out the order form, and a few weeks later, your parent/guardian can deliver the Scout Popcorn and collect their money.

Advantages: Expands your customer base and who doesn’t want a snack at work?
Sample Scripts
Volunteer Opportunity

Group Popcorn Coordinator

Are you passionate about Scouting? Do you have a knack for organization skills and fun project management? Through a nomination process and appointment by the Group Commissioner, the Popcorn Coordinator takes the helm of their Group’s Scout Popcorn campaign, making a positive impact by facilitating the Group’s fundraising efforts so that they can fuel even more great Scouting adventures.
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Top Selling Groups
Here are Canada's highest fundraising Groups in 2018:
210th McKenzie Group Chinook Council $ 70,490 
Group 1st Sylvan Lake Northern Lights Council $ 63,920 
Group 169 the Glen Allan Parents Group Committee Northern Lights Council $ 62,735 
1st Okotoks Group Chinook Council $ 57,475 
Group 1st St. Paul Northern Lights Council $ 53,130 
239th Northern Hills Group Chinook Council $ 52,940 
Group 4th Spruce Grove Northern Lights Council $ 51,430
215th Strathcona Group Chinook Council $ 50,955
18th Army Navy Air Force Vets Group Chinook Council $ 50,890
243rd Tuscany Group Chinook Council $ 49,760
Group 9th Fort McMurray Northern Lights Council $ 43,520
Group 112th Wellington Park Community Northern Lights Council  $ 42,280 
1st High River Group Chinook Council  $ 42,005 
1st Cochrane Group Chinook Council  $ 39,680 
207th St. Patrick's Group Chinook Council  $ 39,395

Popcorn System

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