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Post Secondary Scholarship Program

There's more to selling Scouts Popcorn than just cool prizes! We know that education is the key to a bright future and Trail's End wants to help you along the way! Youth who sell $2,500 in popcorn will receive 6% of their total sales invested into their own post-secondary scholarship account. Youth only need to hit the $2,500 mark once and 6% of their sales each year following will be added to their account.

Payout Request

If a Scout is headed to a post-secondary institution, they will need to complete our Scholarship Payout Form and submit it to Trail's End. The funds will be sent to their educational institution and can be used for tuition, books, housing, and/or other fees. Please be sure to read our terms and conditions.
Scholarship Form

Great Futures start with Scout Popcorn

Canadian Forces Program
In 2011, Scouts Canada created the Canadian Forces Popcorn Program which has since sent over $850,000 of popcorn to Canadian Armed Forces nationally and abroad.

By supporting Scout Popcorn, Canadians will have the chance to provide the gift of Scouts Popcorn to Canadian Forces bases, training facilities, Veteran's hospitals, Canadian Forces family support centres, and incredible programs like Operation Santa Claus.

In 2018, over 4,760 bags of popcorn were delivered to Canadian Armed Forces members both at-home and abroad.
Powered by Popcorn
How does fundraising through Scout Popcorn fuel more Scouting adventures? In our ‘Powered by Popcorn’ column, real Scouting Groups from across Canada chat about the positive impact Scout Popcorn funds have had on their programming.

From sharing best practices and lessons learned, to discussing how youth develop additional skills on the campaign trail, each ‘Powered by Popcorn’ story has a spin to inspire your next Scout Popcorn season!
Powered by Popcorn: The 4th Spruce Grove Group
4th Spruce Grove Group
When Doug Slavik and Lee Parent took on the shared role of Popcorn Coordinator for the 4th Spruce Grove Group, their goal was to take active roles in improving popcorn...
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Powered by Popcorn: 169th Glen Allan Group
169th Glenn Allan Group
What does it take to be one of Canada’s top selling Groups? Jennifer Matyjanka, 169th Glen Allan’s Popcorn Coordinator, joined Scouting Life to share ...
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Powered by Popcorn: The 1st Okotoks Group
1st Okotoks Group
How important is selling Scout Popcorn to the 1st Okotoks Group? According to Linda Duncan, it is the Groups main fundraiser and subsidizes absolutely all activities ...
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Powered by Popcorn: The 15th Sudbury Group
15th Sudbury Group
Selling Scout Popcorn is a major fundraiser for the 15th Sudbury Group. It allows local youth to participate in adventures they otherwise wouldn’t be able to...
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Powered by Popcorn: The 18th Brandon Group
18th Brandon Group
The 18th Brandon Group has been selling Scout Popcorn for the past 13 years, and these efforts have certainly paid off. 2016 was a great year for the Group, they...
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Powered by Popcorn: The 1st Cedar Hill Group
1st Cedar Hill Group
Powered by Scout Popcorn The 1st Cedar Hill Group, which has been selling Scout Popcorn for almost 15 years now, has been able to increase its sales by more than ...
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