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Rover Scouts (Age 18-26): Progression

Well-rounded Development: Personal Achievement for Rover Scouts

The Canadian Path is all about developing well-rounded individuals by encouraging youth to participate in a wide range of activities.

Scouting is not about collecting badges. The badges of The Canadian Path are used to celebrate the personal journey of youth in Scouting. They mark the milestones of the journey and celebrate youth achievements.

Rover Scouts Journey Card

Personal Progression & Badges

Working on Personal Progression Badges allow youth to further develop individual interests and skills, allowing their development along The Canadian Path to be recognized as part of their growth and progression.

  • Outdoor Adventure Skills
  • Outdoor Adventure Skills Badges

    These are achieved in stages and continue with youth from one Section to the next. They mark progress in gaining specific competencies within the Outdoor Adventure Skill (OAS) area. Only the highest stage earned in any particular skill area is worn on the uniform.

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  • Top Section Award
  • Canadian Rover Scout Award

    Rover Scouts can pursue the Canadian Rover Scout Award by completing Personal Progression within their Crew; leading or contributing to projects of personal significance that have an impact in the community; and by attaining the specified number of Outdoor Adventure Skills stages.

    Top Section Awards: Requirements and Transition

  • Canadian Path Linking
  • The Canadian Path Link Badges

    These are presented to youth as they move from one Section to the next.

    Each youth’s Personal Progression through The Canadian Path will be a unique journey, and youth will choose which badges, if any, they wish to make part of their voyage in Scouting.

    Uniform Badge Placement

    The Rover Scout uniform consists of the Rover Scout hat, vest, t-shirt, neckerchief and neckerchief slide. The Rover Scout uniform is available at the Scout Shop nearest you, or at The neckerchief and slide will be supplied by the Group.

    Rover Insignia Placement

    Youth Leadership Training

    Scouts Canada’s all-new Youth Leadership Training courses are now available online! Workshop resources have been created for all five Sections, from Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts. As a great example of youth leadership in action, the entire program was spearheaded by a team of youth from across Canada. Youth Leadership Training workshops are facilitated by youth, for youth—all while following the principles of The Canadian Path.

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    The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

    Scouts Canada members aged 14-25 can enroll for free!

    The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a challenge program of activities for youth between the ages of 14 and 25. Emphasizing outdoor adventure and community service, pursuing the Award also supports personal development. Young people participate in the program worldwide, and the Award is an accomplishment that is widely recognized and highly regarded — it can be an outstanding addition to your resume or to a postsecondary application!


    Scouts of the World Program

    The Scouts of the World program is a program created by the World Organization of the Scout Movement and is geared towards youth aged 14-26 (Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts here in Canada). The purpose of the program is engage members of Scouts Canada in the fields of the Environment, Development and Peace, using the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations as a framework to generate positive change in our communities and internationally.

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