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Fighting Climate Change

163rd IIT Scouts collaborated with the Blue Springs Scouts Reserve to work on many Sustainability Development Goals together during their Service Camp.

Blue Springs, being the first Canadian SCENES (Scout Centres Of Excellence for Nature and the Environment) camp approved by the World Scouting Organization on June 1, 2005, was chosen for its rich forests to explore.

The Troop had an educational session with the Park Ranger and the Troop Scouters on the following topics:
-how Trees help fight Climate Change and helps protect the environment
-the importance of Pruning the trees
-why and how to remove invasive species that out-compete native trees that cause environmental damage.

The Scouts used their Saw skills to prune the thick branches of ages-old Cedar Trees, about five feet from the ground and also removed the huge invasive trees that were growing along. They had a lot of fun using Shears and other Pruning Tools for the first time.
The Troop learnt the role of nature and environment in Scouting and realized the potential their little hands have to fight the Climate Change and to stop Global Warming.