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How Global Warming and our Carbon Footprint Affects Chocolate Production

We learned about chocolate production and how climate change and our carbon footprint affect the availability of chocolate here where we live. Cubs traced their footprint on a paper and sectioned it off into areas of Carbon production. We discussed how weather can destroy crops through flood, fire and drought. We played a game which divided the Cubs into 6 groups with a card describing their hypothetical role in chocolate production: grower, seller, shipper, manufacturer, retailer and government to determine what each group charged to price a chocolate bar at $1. The amount submitted by the groups far exceeded the cost of the bar so we examined the actual breakdown and the youth were shocked to learn that the grower and seller only get 7 or 8 cents while groups further up the production chain make 3 or 4 times that. This illustrated the purpose of Fair Trade. We also watched a video explaining the role of women in these agricultural areas and the benefits of Fair Trade to their communities.