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Master Chef - Scout Edition

Dragon's Trial Quest Challenge 3: You’ve faced obstacles that have taken you off-track from the original route of your map. You need to purchase transportation to get back on route! The Troll Glen is nearby with plenty of horses to spare—but trolls are troublesome traders! Whether it’s coin, skill, gift or more—they won’t let you borrow horses and pass through their Glen to continue your Quest for the Cosmo Crest, until you’ve made a creative trade. Challenge: Barter with the trolls to gain horses for travel, allowing you to continue your journey. Put the art of negotiation into play while exchanging an item or service with the trolls. This week the scouts rolled the dice and achieved the Master Chef Challenge. The scouts will be paired up to create a dessert to appease the trolls and make them willing to trade the food for horses. The trolls have a sophisticated palate, and you know just the thing to trade! Using fire, make a meal that trolls would enjoy (they love crickets and grubs). There will be a secret ingredient that each group will have to find a way to incorporate.