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Scout Compost Build

Learn to Compost

The Scouts learned about composting.

We discussed how composting works; what can be composted, how long can it take to compost in the right conditions and what colour should it be. We discussed the risk of having a compost; ie: what animals could it attract? The benefits of having a compost; ie: less waste in the landfills.

Right conditions to help compost it to have the compost in an area with the most sun throughout the day. To have the compost black so it attracts the heat of the sun. Fortunately there are only birds and squirrels at this camp, therefore bears won’t be attracted.

They learned where a compost should be and how to build one.

Now it was time for the Scouts drew a design of what their compost should look like.

In order to keep cost down and in the spirit of recycling, the Scouts used pallets from one of our Scouter's work.

The Scouts split in 3 groups. The Scouts used hammers and strength to take apart the pallets and take the nails out. Each group built 1 wall.

From their design and how much wood they had, decided what dimensions of their compost.

The side walls are 16 inches wide, and the back wall is 14 inches wide and it stands about 3.5 feet tall.

Once all the measurement were done, the Scouts cut the wood with regular hand saws. They used new nails to hammer the pieces together.

When all 3 walls were done, they nailed the 3 pieces together and painted the compost black.

They added a few planks of wood to the front bottom to solidify and to enclose it a little.

Now it was time to find the most sunny spot on the island!

Once we found a spot, Scouts added whatever scraps that had accumulated during camp-out and extra leaves and twigs!

Ready to compost!

The Scouts learned what composting is and what it does and how it can help our environment. The Scouts leaned how to use basic tools like hammers and saws.

They enjoyed the activity and if they were to do it again, they were prefer drills and an electric saw!

They were excited and disgusted to see the scraps that go in the compost.