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13 Climate

Scouts is the Start of Fighting Climate Change

Imagine a world with a healthy, lively climate. Fight by measuring your carbon footprint, challenging yourself to go vegetarian for a week, or supporting green infrastructure projects.

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Are you ready to help the planet?

Climate change is starting to have visible effects around the world. Reducing the impact of climate change requires education, action and awareness. In Canada, this means reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring that everyone is well-equipped to face the effects of climate change. Measure your carbon footprint, write letters to your local government to encourage them to take action against climate change or challenge yourself to go vegetarian for a week!


Activities to Fight Climate Change


A Prescription for Climate Action

  • Take on missions and level up to care for our climate through the interactive Earth Rangers App.
  • Learn more about our climate through activities with the Climate Kids NASA portal, and learn how space plays a part.
  • Find out how big your environmental footprint is through the WWF Footprint Calculator.
  • Celebrate Earth Day and check out the National Geographic Kids website for ideas and activities to celebrate! 
  • Champions for Nature Challenge — Become a champion for nature and biodiversity by developing sustainable habits for an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle.
  • Tide Turners Plastic Challenge — Build healthier and more resilient oceans, lakes and lands by understanding how pollution affects every corner of the world.
  • Scouts Go Solar Challenge — Discover the power of the sun and learn about how energy and the climate are interconnected.
  • Climate Kids is an interactive site that helps kids between the ages of 8-15 learn about climate change through games and quizzes. It also gives them ideas on what they can do at home, in their community or at school to fight it and to encourage them to discuss these issues with their families and peers.


SDG Goal 13 - Climate Action

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