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Cub Science

Cub Science

Science is all around us. Discover more about the world around you through science and discover more about the scientific method by making predictions and doing experiments.


Adaptations in Nature

Better Bubbles

Cartesian Diver


Circuitry Madness

Cleaning Up our Water

Colours in the Sun

Do You See What I See?

Does It Float?

Edible Uranium

Elephant Toothpaste


Groovy Lava Lamps

Hibernate, Insulate, Migrate

Invention Master

It’s Complicated (Machines)

Oil Spill Experiment

Pile of Trash

Piloted and Unpiloted Space Exploration

Popsicle Protector!

Renewable Resources

Robotic Hand

The Iceberg Experiment

Ticks you off

Tiny Habitat Survey

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NASA -Jet Propulsion Lab

Let's Talk Science

SDG Connections