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Scout Earth

Scout Earth

Why is the Earth so important to us? What does it give us? Explore the Earth and everything it has to offer, from the life that lives on it to the wonders around it. Discover ways to help make our planet a better place and share what you have learned with your family or Troop.


“Bee” Kind to the Environment!

Adopt a Tree

Be a Plant Doctor

Be an Entomologist

Bear Bagging

Blaze a Trail

Build Bat Boxes

Camp Plant Hunt

Captain Conservation

Community Gardening

Dragons’ Den: Plant Health Edition

Food Waste

Forest Bathing

From Seed to Sky

Helping Habitats

Helping Your Local Environment

Heroes for Plant Health

In My Backyard

Landfill in a Bottle

Learn to Compost

Less is More

Mapping Challenge

Paper Chair

Pollen their Weight

Seed Bombing

Seed Paper

Shoreline Cleanup

Soil Layers

That Field Trip Stank!

Ticks you off

Track Your Carbon Footprint

Vertical Gardens

We All Love Water

Wind Power Race

Zero Waste Camping


External Resources:  

Adopt A Tree

Leave No Trace 

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