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Build a Map

What are your favourite places in your neigbourhood? Imagine you’re a bird looking over your neigbourhood – do you see all your favourite places? Draw a giant map of your neighbourhood, then decide where you’d like to visit.

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  • Who will draw each part of the map? What part of your neighbourhood does each person know best?
  • When are you going to head out on your Adventure in your neighbourhood?
  • What things are you going to add to your map?
  • How will you keep track of the things you see so that you can add them to your map?


  • Using a large piece of paper or multiple smaller pieces of paper, work as a team or Section to draw a map of your neighbourhood.
  • Decide on which person will draw which area, how big your map will be and what you will put on your map. Then, use your map to plan a walk around your neighbourhood!
  • If you want to make sure your map is accurate, use a GPS to explore your neighbourhood. Go for a walk and plot your favourite places as GPS waypoints.
  • When you get back to your meeting hall, put your waypoints on a map – it could be a digital map, physical map, or one you draw yourself!


  • What did you see when you were exploring?
  • Did you visit a part of your neighbourhood you have never been to before?
  • Is there a different part of your neighbourhood you would like to visit next time?
  • Did you discover any new places in your neighbourhood?
  • Did your team work well together? Why or why not?
  • What would you do differently next time? Can you make a model of your community from clay or papier-mache?

Keep it Simple

  • Use a real map to help plan the map you’re drawing – it might help to give you an idea of where things are.

Take it Further