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Let’s Get Virtual!

Find out how to run a fun virtual Scout meeting.

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  • What software will you use to run your meeting?
  • How will you make sure that everyone is able to join your meeting?
  • What will you do during your meeting?
  • How will you run your meeting so that it runs smoothly, but is still fun?


  • Just because you can’t meet in person doesn’t mean that Scouting needs to stop!
  • Use video conferencing software to run a virtual meeting, and plan adventures during your meeting that people can do on their own.
  • You can even plan activities to do together over a video call, like doing a workout, playing a game or watching a movie!


  • What worked well during your meeting? What would you change for your next meeting?
  • What was different about your virtual meeting from in-person meetings?
  • How can you share your success with others so that they can learn from you?

Keep it Simple

  • Talking to people over the internet can be different than talking to people in person, so it may be intimidating for some people. Help people get used to it by having everyone share something they enjoy, or a project they’ve been working on!

Take it Further

  • Have your Section run an event for your whole Group! Why not arrange a Group campfire, trivia night or games night? Find a creative way to share something with your Group and then organize a virtual call so that everyone can participate!