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Pitch Camp Race

How quickly can your team set up its campsite? Are you faster than the other teams in your Section? Settle the matter by racing against the other teams to neatly set-up campsites, with pitched tents, laid out bedrolls and kitchen areas. Think ahead to take-down—Leave No Trace!

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  • What are the rules for your race?
  • What do you look for in a great camp set-up?
  • Who will judge the sites?
  • What gear is required? Consider the season and the nature of the camp.
  • When and where will you have this competition?
  • What skills do you need to learn in preparation for the race?


  • Learn any new skills at meetings
  • Test out new skills
  • Quickly pitch camp. Do your best to have your team’s set up before your opponents!


  • How did your team do at this activity?
  • How did you feel before, during, and after this activity?
  • Did you well as a team? Why or why not?
  • Can you offer particular praise to any members of the team?
  • What would you do differently in the future?

Keep it Simple

  • Practise setting up your tent quickly. Don’t move so fast that you damage any parts of your tent!

Take it Further

  • Add extra challenges to your race, like best set up, most creative addition to the site, or fastest time to take down your site.