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Shadow Pictures

Using sticks, leaves or other materials that you find outside, create sculptures that cast interesting shadows onto the ground. When you have your shadow just right, ask your Scouter to take a picture!

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  • When and where will you have this Adventure?
  • What do you need to bring?
  • What shadow images will you try to create?


  • Create shadow pictures by making sculptures out of different materials. Try different methods of making shadow pictures. What materials can you use?
  • Do this activity at night and use a flashlight to create your shadows. What happens when you shine the flashlight on different sides of your sculpture or at different angles?


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • What shadows did you create?
  • What shadows did other people create?
  • How did you make your shadows?

Keep it Simple

  • Try making shadow puppets using your hands and put on a show!

Take it Further