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Totally Tubular

Have you ever thought about making your own toothpaste instead of buying it from the store? Well, now’s your chance to find out how to create a more sustainable and natural alternative and skip the plastic, single-use tubes!

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  • How do you make homemade toothpaste?
  • What do you need to make your toothpaste?
  • What flavouring will you choose?
  • What will you store your toothpaste in?


  • Choose your own natural flavour (like licorice, mint or vanilla) and find the best consistency.
  • Find the perfect reusable container to store your new toothpaste in.


  • How did you get a good consistency for your toothpaste?
  • What was your favourite part about making the toothpaste?
  • What was the best flavour?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

  • Make a few toothpaste flavours as a Lodge, Lair or Patrol to see which flavour is best and how to get the perfect consistency! Test out the toothpastes. While you’re at it, look for alternative toothbrushes, like recycled plastic or bamboo.

Take it Further

  • Does your community know the effects of single-use plastic? Do they know how long a tube of toothpaste stays on the planet, even after its empty?
  • Be an advocate in your community for more natural and sustainable alternatives for everyday items—from toothpaste to toothbrushes!