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Advertising 360

In our modern world, advertising is all around us. While you’re out on an urban hike, make note of all the different advertisements your see. What is it about the advertisements that grab your attention? What are they trying to sell and say about their products?

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  • What kinds of advertising do you expect to see outside on your hike?
  • If you want to see a lot of advertising, where would you walk to? What about if you wanted to avoid seeing advertising?
  • How do advertisements grab your attention?


  • Go on an urban hike with your Section and look for advertising around you. Where do you see advertising? Billboards, bus ads, flyers on streetlights?


  • Was there a particular advertisement that grabbed your attention? What about it grabbed your attention?
  • Reflect upon the advertisements that you saw. What benefits were the advertisements trying to say about the product?
  • How much advertising is there around you?  Do you feel like it is too much, too little, or just enough?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

  • Don’t feel like a hike today?  Take a look at a website in order to see a variety of advertisements.

Take it Further

  • If you had to make an outdoor advertisement for Scouts Canada, what kind of advertisement would you make and where would you put it?  Design an advertisement that could be used to get youth interested in Scouting.