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Advertising Frenzy

What kinds of ads do you see? What are they trying to tell you? What are they trying to make you do? Sometimes, we are influenced by ads – even when we shouldn’t be. Learn about different advertising techniques and use them to make an ad for an upcoming event – is it possible to influence more people to come based on the ad you created?

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  • What kinds of ads will you look at?
  • What will you make an ad for?
  • How will you make your ad?


  • In small teams, look at some different ads aimed at people your age – they could be web ads, commercials or even printed ads.
  • What kinds of things do these ads have in common? What are they doing to try to get you to buy their product?
  • Think about the different ways these ads are trying to sell something and then use them yourself – create an ad for your Section, an upcoming camp or event, or even a made-up product.
  • Use the different techniques that you saw while making your ad. How will your ad make people want to join your Section, attend your event or buy your product?


  • Why does it matter how ads work? Why is it important to know how ads make us feel?
  • How can ads be used in negative ways?
  • What did you learn about how ads target youth?
  • Now that you’ve seen examples, where do you see ads that you did not think of before?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

  • Sometimes ads will look different depending on if they are aimed at boys or girls – learn about what the media says and see if you can spot the difference in ads for boys and girls.

Take it Further

  • Compare ads from different platforms – websites, TV, magazines, etc. aimed at your age group. What techniques are different? What techniques are the same? Then, compare these to ads aimed at younger people – how do the techniques change?