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Bring a Friend

As a Section, host a Bring-a-Friend Night to show your friends how awesome Scouting is! Invite friends from school and your neighbourhood to a meeting so they can experience the adventures you do in Scouting!

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  • Who do you want to invite to the Bring-a-Friend Night? How will you get the invitation to them?
  • When will you host your Bring-a-Friend night?
  • What adventures will you plan for the Bring-a-Friend Night?
  • Who will be leading the evening’s meeting?
  • What supplies will you need?
  • What can you do to make your friends feel welcome and included?


  • Invite your friends to the Bring-a-Friend event.
  • Create information packages for your friends, with information on where and when the meeting is, contact information for the Group and how they can register if they’d like to join your Group!
  • If necessary, talk to your parents about the Bring-a-Friend event. Let them know when it will be, and what adventure you have planned. This way, they can answer questions your friends’ parents may have.
  • Host the Bring-a-Friend event. Remember that this is the first time your friends may be at a Scouting meeting, so help make it extra special for them.
  • Greet your friends at the door and make them feel welcome from the moment they walk into your meeting. Invite them into the meeting space and talk to them about what you have planned for the evening.
  • Explain important parts of the evening to your friends. What will happen during Opening and Closing ceremonies? Who are the Scouters? Are there any words being used that your friends may not recognize?


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?
  • What did you teach others as you shared this adventure? How did you teach them?
  • Did your friends have fun at the Bring-a-Friend Night? What do you think made the meeting special for them? What made it special for you?
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • How did you work together as a team with the other members of your Section?

Keep it Simple

  • Rather than running a Bring-a-Friend event, try running a bring a parent event! Plan an adventure that your family can join in on, like going on a hike or going apple picking. You’ll get to show off all the fun things you do in Scouting!

Take it Further

  • Plan a Bring-a-Friend event for a younger Section. Work with the Section Leadership Team from another Section and help them through the planning process for their Bring-a-Friend event.