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Critter Keeper

Care for a pet for at least one month. It could be a pet that your family owns, or you could help a friend care for their pet!

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  • Do you own a pet that you can care for? If not, do you know someone who will let you take care of their pet? 
  • What pet will you be taking care of? 
  • What kind of care does your pet need? 
  • If you are caring for a pet that is not your own, how often will you go to help care for it? 
  • Are there any parts of pet care that you will need help with?


  • Find a pet to care for, whether it is your own, a friend’s or a neighbour’s. 
  • Make a plan to care for the pet – if you do not live with the pet, make a plan with its owner so that you can visit regularly and help with its care. Some things to think about:
    • How often does your pet need to be fed? How much does it get fed? 
    • How often does your pet need to be exercised? 
    • How do you clean up after your pet? 
    • Does your pet have any other needs to think about (e.g. grooming, medicine, etc.)? 
  • With help from an adult, take care of your pet for at least one month. Take photos or make drawings of you caring for your pet! 


  • What did you learn about taking care of pets? 
  • Did anything surprise you?  
  • What was the most challenging part of taking care of a pet? What part was the most fun! 

Keep it Simple

Before you dive into pet care, start by learning about some of the basic parts of pet care, like how to brush an animal or the best way to exercise your pet. 

Take it Further

What are some other pets that people care for? Learn about large animals, like livestock and visit a farm to learn about how animals like cows and horses are cared for!