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Fantastic Flipbook

Try being a cartoon animator as you create a flipbook to tell a story or teach a simple skill!

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  • What will your flipbook be about?
  • How will you make your flipbook?
  • How will you plan what will go on each page of your flipbook?


  • Grab a small notebook or pad of sticky notes.
  • Draw the first scene of your story or lesson on your first page.
  • Continue to draw your story or lesson scene by scene, changing the scene a little bit at a time to create the illusion of movement. For example, a person walking might take four or five drawings to walk across the page.
  • You should do a test flip every few pages to make sure the movement looks how you want it to.


  • What did you enjoy about making your flipbook?
  • Were there any parts of making your flipbook that you found challenging?
  • Were you able to tell the story that you wanted to tell?


Materials per person

  • Small notebook, pad of sticky notes, or small pieces of paper stapled together at one end.
  • Pencils and erasers

Keep it Simple

  • It will be a lot easier to draw out your flipbook if you plan it first. What events are going to happen and in what order? What needs to happen between each event to make the movement look natural? Draw out some storyboards before starting your flipbook.

Take it Further

  • Use your flipbook to teach a skill to a younger youth or to other youth in your Section. Depending on how much of a challenge you want, choose an easier or harder skill! Maybe you’ll teach someone how to tie a reef knot, pitch a tent or re-fuel a stove!