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Gear Heads!

Practice creating a packing list for your upcoming adventures with this game!

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  • What categories of items will you include in your game? 
  • Will each category have its own letter or will you use one letter for all categories? 
  • How will you select a letter at random? 
  • How much time will you have per round? 
  • How will you score points? 


  • Select a series of categories of outdoor gear that you need for an adventure. Examples include: clothing, cooking/eating supplies, safety equipment, etc. You could also think about broad categories for outdoor activities, like outdoor games or places to sleep outdoors. 
  • Write down all of these different categories on a piece of paper – you can work alone or in teams. 
  • Select your letters. You can either choose one letter per category (this is a good idea if you’re repeating some categories) or one letter for all of the categories. Have a Scouter or random letter generator choose your letter(s). 
  •  In a set amount of time, try to think of one item per category that starts with the letter you have chosen. For example, a piece of clothing for the letter S might be a scarf. 
  • When time is up, score your round. You might give everyone a point for each answer they came up with, or only award points for unique answers (an answer that no one else wrote down). 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What did you find challenging? What did you find easy? 
  • How can you use what you learned when creating a gear list for your next adventure? 

Keep it Simple

  • Rather than selecting letters for each category, try to come up with as many items in each category as possible! You might want to make your categories a bit smaller (e.g. clothing, outerwear and footwear, rather than just clothing). 

Take it Further

  • Choose a specific adventure to base your items on.  Maybe an upcoming winter activity day or a summer canoe trip. Make sure your items are ones that you would bring on that adventure!