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Go on a ghostly adventure in the graveyard! Will you keep still or will you be caught grinning?

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  • Where will you play this game?
  • How long will this game take to play?
  • What materials are required for this game?


  • Choose a person to be the grave keeper.
  • Everyone else finds a place to lie down. Their face must be visible. They must lie perfectly still and are only allowed to breathe, blink and move their eyes.
  • The grave keeper watches for movement. If someone is spotted moving, they are out and join the grave keeper in monitoring.
  • The grave keepers can also actively try to get players to move or change their expression. They can do this with funny jokes or silly actions. They are not allowed to touch the players or threaten them (with words or movement).
  • The game ends when the last player moves.


  • What strategies worked as grave keeper?
  • What strategies did you use to stay still?
  • What would you change about this game for next time?

Keep it Simple

  • Have a Scouter or a person in charge of leading the game. This person will act as a fair judge in case there are any arguments.

Take it Further

  • An easy way to make this game more challenging is to play Wax Museum! In Wax Museum, everyone is a wax statue and must stand or sit in a pose of their choice – but you must stay still! A night watchman will walk around the group and try to catch people moving. You can change poses – but only when the night watchman is not watching!