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Heroes for Plant Health

Do bugs bug you? Maybe mosquitoes give you an itch, or earwigs give you the willies. Bugs can bug plants too! Create a pest matching game and learn about how invasive species can harm plants and learn how you can help.

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  • How will you create your pest matching game?
  • How will you learn what species live closest to you?
  • How challenging will your game be? Will you make two of each card to match or will you do something different?
  • What supplies do you need for this activity?


  • Use CFIA’s Plant Pest Cards to learn about the different pests that can harm plants in Canada.
  • Use these cards (or the information on them) to build a matching game to help you learn about the different pests.
  • You can print the cards and match them or draw your own cards. Make sure that you have two copies of each card so that you can match them.
  • Whatever you decide, once your cards are done, shuffle them and lay them out face down on a table or the floor. Take turns flipping over to cards and trying to make a match.
  • Whoever has the most matches wins!


Keep it Simple

Rather than making a memory game, learn about the pests in your area and make posters about them! Include a picture of the pest, the plants they like and information about how to recognize them. Put these posters up around your meeting area or on your fridge to help people keep an eye out for pests!

Take it Further

Rather than making or printing two identical pest cards to match, make one card with a picture of the pest and another with information about it (name, where it’s found, what it does to harm plants, etc.). Then, play a matching game where you flip the cards and try to match the image of the pest to its description!