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Build yourself a beautiful snölykta (Swedish snow lantern) and enjoy the warm glow of the snow!

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  • Where will you build your snölykta?
  • What will you use to light it up?
  • Do you have the right kind of snow to make snowballs?


  • Start by flattening a circle in the snow to act as your base – you can make this as big or as small as you want, but remember, the bigger you make your base, the bigger your lantern will be.
  • Start by making snowballs and piling them into a hollow pyramid. It should look something like an upside-down ice cream cone.
  • Before closing the top of the pyramid, add your light – battery powered LED lights (string lights, a headlamp, etc.) work best!
  • Finish off the top of the pyramid and enjoy the warm glow of your snölykta!


  • What did you enjoy most about building your snölykta?
  • What was the most difficult part?


  • Snow
  • Battery LED lights

Keep it Simple

  • Make a mini snölykta, rather than a full-sized one! Work in small teams to make knee-high lanterns.

Take it Further

  • Light up the night in your community! Many communities have festive lights, snow or ice sculptures, etc., but why not offer to brighten up your community with snölykta’s at the community center, park, or townhall? Show off your snow lantern skills for others to enjoy!