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Spiritual Retreat

Have you ever been on a spiritual retreat? Work as a team to plan a spiritual retreat and learn about yourself and your place in the world.

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  • When and where will you share your spiritual retreat?
  • Will your camp have a specific theme to explore (such as peace, neighbours, compassion, courage)? What theme would you like to explore?
  • What gear do you need?
  • What will be the camp’s agenda? What activities will you do?
  • How can everyone respect one another’s beliefs during the retreat?


  • As a team, plan a spiritual retreat.
  • If everyone on the team shares a religion, this could be an opportunity to explore your common faith.
  • If the members of your team do not have a shared religion, take advantage of your time in nature to connect with your own faith and learn about the beliefs and traditions of others
  • There are many different activities you can do on a spiritual retreat.
  • Whatever your beliefs, a break from your day-to-day routine and an opportunity to connect with nature and your fellow Scouts can be an enriching way to learn about yourself and your place in the world.


  • What do you know now that you did not know before about your own beliefs?
  • How did you feel before, during and after this adventure?
  • What did you learn about the beliefs of others?

Keep it Simple

  • Bring some spirituality to your next camp and plan a Scouts’ Own in your team. Share your Scouts’ Own with the rest of your Section or Group.

Take it Further

  • Learn about other spiritual opportunities – arrange for your team (or yourself) to attend a service of a religious group or spiritual organization outside your own.