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Stress Ball

Everyone needs to a healthy way to relieve stress! A stress ball is a discreet way to do this. Try making your own!

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  • What supplies will you need for this activity? 
  • How will you make your stress ball? 
  • How will you make sure that you do not spill anything while making your stress ball? 


  • Insert the funnel into the balloon opening.  
  • Fill with either cornstarch or rice depending on what feels better in your hand until it is about the size of your palm.  
  • Tie a knot in the top.  
  • Decorate the outside with your sharpies.  
  • Squeeze whenever you feel stressed! 


  • What was challenging about making your stress ball? 
  • What are some other ways that you can relieve stress? 


  • Balloon 
  • Rice or cornstarch 
  • Funnel 
  • Sharpie markers

Keep it Simple

  • Learn some other ways to relieve stress and then practice them! Try some simple yoga moves or deep breathing exercises.  

Take it Further

  • Try making your own slime! Find a tutorial online and make your own slime. Playing with slime is another great way to relieve stress without making too much of a mess!