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The Wolf of Pack Street

Choose an item and bring it to your next meeting. Your job is to convince your Section to buy your product. Be as convincing as possible in order to sell the item.

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  • How will you do this activity? On your own, or in small teams?
  • What item from your home would the other youth in your Section be interested in buying?
  • What are the main benefits off the product that you are selling?
  • What else can you say about the product in order to convince others that it is a good purchase?
  • How will you act, stand and move while trying to sell the product?


  • Take turns standing up in front of your Section in order to sell your product.
  • If you Section is interested, you can hold a vote for the Best Salesperson in your Section!


  • Which product would you be most interested in buying?
  • Who was the most convincing salesperson? What did they say or do that made them convincing?
  • What do real salespeople say or do in order to convince customers to purchase a product?  Did any of the youth in your section use these tactics?
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map

Keep it Simple

  • Instead of presenting to the entire Section, you can present to your Lair, Patrol, or Scouters.

Take it Further

  • Instead of ‘selling’ a product that you’ve brought from home - start from scratch to sell a product that you have invented.