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Alcohol Exception Procedure


Alcohol is not permitted at Scouts activities when youth are present. Should a Scout Group wish to serve alcohol at an adult activity where parents may be bringing their children, the organizers need permission for an exception to the Drug and Alcohol Policy.

The Executive Commissioner and CEO may grant temporary exceptions.


Our Procedure

1.      The Group Commissioner submits to the Scouting Relationships Manager a request for an exception. The request should include:

a.     Details about the event (date, location, program overview)

b.     Risk and hazard assessment

c.     Whether the event location has a liquor licence or the Scout Group will have to apply for a special-event liquor licence. The Scout Group may not apply for the special-event liquor licence until it has received approval from Scouts Canada.

2.     With the Scouting Relationships Manager’s endorsement, the request is submitted to the Executive Commissioner and CEO.

3.     The Executive Commissioner and CEO is authorized to grant exceptions to the policy. The CEO’s decision is final.

4.     The Scout Group is responsible for complying with provincial liquor regulations, including securing a special-event permit when required.

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Effective Date

March 2, 2019

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