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Certificate of Insurance Procedure


Scouts Canada will issue certificates of insurance (COI) to other organizations and businesses, proving that Scouts Canada has comprehensive general liability insurance. This procedure does not apply to requesting proof of insurance from other organizations and businesses.

A certificate of insurance (COI) is a document issued by an insurance company/broker to verify the existence of insurance coverage under specific conditions granted to listed individuals. More specifically, the document lists the effective date of the policy, the type of insurance coverage purchased, and the types and dollar amount of applicable liability.1

Our Procedure

  1. When a business or other organization asks for proof of comprehensive general liability insurance, offer our generic certificate of insurance.
  2. When an organization or business wants a certificate of insurance naming them as an additional insured, send the request to at least fifteen (15) business days before a contract needs to be signed or the event takes place. The contract for the event or service must accompany the request.
  3. The certificate of insurance will be sent to the other organization or business and the Group requesting the COI.

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June 2022

Effective Date

June 1, 2022


V2: Updated to reflect new email address for requests. 

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