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Closing a Scout Group Procedure


We make every effort to ensure the continued effective operation of all Scout Groups. When we decide it is in the best interests of the Community Partner, youth, and community to cancel a Group Charter and close the Group, we follow this procedure.

When we close a Scout Group, we want to do so in an orderly fashion, recognizing the contribution of the Scouters and Community Partner.

Our Procedure

  1. The decision to close a Group is normally made during the Group Annual Review in the spring. The steps to close the Group should be completed before the end of the current Scouting year.
  2. The Council Key 3 approves cancelling Group Charters and closing Groups.
  3. The Council Key 3 appoints a Scouter (volunteer or employee) to close the Group.
  4. The Myscouts Section maximum participant and volunteer limits must be changed to 0 for the current and next sessions, so no new members are accepted.
  5. The appointed Scouter plans the dissolution of the Group. The Group Committee and Community Partner representative(s) are encouraged to participate.

    The plan includes:
    1. Transferring youth and adult members to other groups
    2. Appointing new bank signing officers, if required
    3. Paying all outstanding bills and accounts within 30 days
    4. Completing a final financial review and equipment inventory of the group and sections and submitting all records to Scouts Canada within 60 days
    5. Closing all bank accounts and submitting funds to Scouts Canada via
    6. If appropriate, organizing a celebration of the group’s service to the community
    7. Recognizing the Community Partner organization for their support of Scout programs in the community
    8. Disposing of Group equipment
  6. The Council Key 3 approves the plan before it proceeds.
  7. Before August 31, the Myscouts status of the Sections and Group must be changed to “Inactive.” The GC or SRM/CRM can submit this request to

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June 2022

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June 1, 2022


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