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Conflict of Interest Procedure


We recognize that conflicts of interest will occur. Conflicts of interest must be disclosed and will be managed in a fair, open, and practical manner.


Our Procedure

1.      Anyone engaging in an activity or situation that does or could involve a conflict of interest must report the conflict of interest so that it may be assessed and, when appropriate, managed.

2.     Disclosing conflicts of interest:

a.      Upon appointment to a role, volunteers and employees need to report potential, perceived, or real conflicts of interest. We need to understand the nature of the conflict and how the volunteer or employee may benefit, so we can manage the situation.

b.     After appointment, a volunteer or employee has an ongoing obligation to recognize an additional conflict of interest and report the conflict to their Commissioner/Chair/Manager.

3.     Managing conflicts of interest:

a.      The Commissioner/Chair/Manager will review the reported conflict of interest with the volunteer or employee. Together, they will agree on a management plan to handle the conflict.

4.     The Commissioner/Chair will manage conflicts of interest using one of the following methods:

a.      Fully disclosing the conflict to the other members involved in decision-making so they are aware of a potential bias

b.     The member refraining from voting on an issue arising or pertaining to the conflict of interest

c.      The member in the conflict-of-interest position withdrawing from a discussion or a meeting

d.     The member in the conflict-of-interest position resigning from their office or position

e.     Whatever other means is necessary to address the conflict of interest

In all cases, the underlying principle shall be that conflicts of interest shall be resolved in favour of Scouts Canada.

5.     The Commissioner/Chair/Manager will report the conflict of interest and the plan to the Executive Commissioner/Chief Executive Officer.

6.     Should a management plan not be agreed to, the matter will be referred to the National Key 3 for resolution.

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Effective Date

March 2, 2019

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