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Incident Reporting Procedure


We report so we can learn from an incident and prevent it from happening again.

This procedure is used for reporting all incidents except for:

  1. Incidents involving youth-protection matters, which are dealt with according to the Youth Protection Reporting Procedure
  2. Incidents involving bullying or harassment, which are dealt with according to the Preventing and Responding to Bullying and Harassment Procedure


Our Procedure

When an incident occurs that results in bodily injury or property damage:

1.      Make sure everyone is safe

2.     Deal with the injury or damage appropriately

3.     Advise the parents/guardians/family of the injured person or the owner of the property

4.     Record what happened right away, including who, where, when, and how the incident occurred. Don’t worry about why right now

5.     Report the incident within 48 hours, using the Scout Safe App

6.     If you don’t have access to the ScoutSafe App, complete the Scouts Canada Incident Report Form. Email it to

7.     Direct all questions, including those from the police or media, to the Safe Scouting Department via email ( or phone (1-800-339-6643)

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