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Social Media Resources

Scouts Canada has an active and growing presence on a number of social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. These online channels can be a successful way to communicate and engage the membership, while recruiting even more youth into Scouting and raising brand awareness. The resources included will help you set up social media accounts, provide best practices, graphics and other tools allowing you to run engaging social media campaigns.


Scouts Canada Social Media Channels

Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube LinkedIn
Twitter Instagram Facebook YouTube LinkedIn

Graphics Centre

Social Media Graphics

We’ve compiled some recent campaign graphics to help you keep the conversation going.

Social Media Graphics

Setting Up Your Scouting Social Media Accounts

How Social Media Can Enrich Your Scouting Experience

The Scouts Canada community is by no means small. Reaching from coast to coast, our Scouting family embarks on countless adventures and enjoys unique, youth-led approaches to the Canadian Path program. By joining the wider Scouts Canada conversation through social media networks—primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s easy for your Group, Area and Council to expand your reach online, share positive Scouting experiences and memories, or find inspiration in another Group’s adventures.


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Photo Tips

Some simple tips for the Group photographer

Capturing a Group’s adventures throughout the year is a great way to document Scouting value and to keep parents engaged and aware of Group adventures and activities. Serving as the photo-journalist is also a way to have them participate in the fun. Here are a few simple tips to guide you towards success!



  • Parents
  • Group website
  • Social media
  • Promo slideshows
  • Community paper
  • National Marketing:


Policy and Practices

  • Before taking the picture, ensure photo consent was obtained.
  • Before sharing, ensure the youth are not named or identified.

Parent Engagement Tips for the Group Photographer

Strategic Tagging

Tags are a great way to connect your content with another relevant social media account and widen your post’s reach

Hashtags connect you with the greater online conversation. Instead of tapping into an account’s audience, you’re tapping into anyone who relates to that word or phrase.

Social Media Strategic Tagging

Social Media Safety Tip

Social networking is a great way to stay connected with the world and keep in touch with friends and family. It is easy to connect with the touch of the button, but it is important to stay safe. Keep these tips in mind when browsing.

October 2017 Safety Tip: Internet Safety