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Group Fundraising Resources

Planning a Fundraiser? We’ve got you covered!

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Great adventures often start with great fundraising.  It’s a part of the Scouting fabric, but it takes time, energy and resources. Throughout the year Scouts Canada has national fundraising campaigns: Scout Popcorn, Scout Seeds and Scout Coffee, but often Scouting Sections and Groups will need to undertake additional, local fundraising activities in order to secure the funding they need for the great adventures they have planned. 

This is where the Future Entrepreneurs Program, generously funded by Desjardins, can help.  Using the resources and materials provided through this program, Scouting groups can support their local fundraising efforts and enhance their Scouting experience, taking their adventures to the next level! 

Fundraising Toolkit

Desjardins has partnered with Scouts Canada to help provide more fundraising support to Scouters and young members by developing a comprehensive Fundraising Toolkit. With more support and fundraising resources and tips, Scouters will be able to support youth in planning for a successful fundraising campaign to reach their goals and develop important skills along the way. The Fundraising Toolkit will include useful budgeting tips and goal-setting templates, a year-round of fundraising infographic, as well as a personalised group fundraising webpage showcasing a groups’ adventures, its fundraising goals and all the different ways to support the group in their fundraising efforts. Working together, we can offer better support to our Scouting groups and youth to enhance their fundraising experience and Scouting adventures.  

The Fundraising Toolkit includes numerous resources available to Sections and Groups, including:

Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Spirit and Life Skills

Fundraising is an important part of Scouting and the life skills associated with it go a long way in developing youth to be better prepared in the world.  Providing youth and Sections with the resources and tools they need to have a successful fundraising activity help to enable youth to understand the importance of planning, setting goals, promotion and follow through along with skills like leadership, collaboration and teamwork.  Developing both hard and soft skills, fundraising activities builds confidence and provides an opportunity to gain valuable financial literacy skills and helps to foster an entrepreneurial mind-set.  


Group's Fundraising Website Registration

Are you looking for a simple and easy way to promote your Group’s fundraising activities to your local community? Look no further! By filling out the form below, you will be able to build your fundraising website (using Google sites).

A template has been developed to make it easy for your Group to showcase your fundraising activities. This includes information for potential donors to participate in your Scout Popcorn, Scout Coffee and Scout Seeds national fundraisers. There is also a place for you to display your local fundraising activities. And to top it off, there is a graphic to display your fundraising goals and the current amount raised. Once you register, all the information you need for your website will be sent to your Group Webmaster.

Don’t delay in personalizing your own Group Fundraising Website and take your fundraising activities to the next level. Bring on the Adventure!


Build your own fundraising website - tutorial

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Desjardins & Scouts Canada

More than ever, young people need to be supported and encouraged in their projects. To meet their growing needs, Desjardins Group is supporting no less than 3,000 initiatives this year. Scouts Canada is proud to join this effort, helping to benefit youth and communities across Canada. 

At Scouts Canada we know the impact the pandemic has had on youth over the past two years. Missing out on valuable social interactions, making friends and sharing memories. Spending less time outside exploring, discovering and nurturing a love of the great outdoors. And building those important life skills in childhood that carry through to adulthood. It’s imperative that we get youth back on track and with Desjardins’ support this will ensure Scouting youth across Canada will have the support they need now and into the future. 

Through this one-year initiative, Scouts Canada will work to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit among our groups from coast to coast to help support even more local fundraising activities. This will ensure more youth have access to great adventures which is at the heart of Scouting.

It's important that kids get back to being kids and with Desjardins’ support even more kids can experience the benefits of Scouting. 

Working #TogetherForOurYouth, we can make a difference. 



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