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Be Prepared to Paddle Your Own Canoe

A great deal of planning and collaboration must go into a successful canoe trip.

The same is true of your Rover Crew’s program. In order to make the most of your Rover Scout adventures, make use of the resources you find posted to this page.

Program Quality Guide

Use the Program Quality guide to ensure your Crew has a balanced and stimulating program.

Program Quality Guide

Personal Development Plan

The Personal Development Plan will help you to set and track your personal goals, in collaboration with your mentor.

Rover Personal Development Plan

Effective Meetings

The Tips for Effective Meetings resource will help your Crew to have efficient, productive meetings – key to making great, safe Scouting adventures happen!

Tips for Effective Meetings

Vocational Rovers

Vocational Rover Crews are sponsored by—and made up of—local Emergency Services. The program is an opportunity for young men and women to learn about Emergency Medical Service, Policing, and Search and Rescue.

Medical Rovers

Medical Rovers are sponsored by local Emergency Medical Services. Medical Rovers receive increasingly advanced medical training over the course of the program. Their training is put to good use providing volunteer First Aid support at Scout camps and charity events.

Police Rovers

Police Rovers learn about what goes on behind the scenes in law enforcement, and work with their local police department to assist in crime prevention initiatives and community events.

Rovers Search and Rescue

Rovers Search and Rescue receive and provide training in search and rescue, and put their training to practical use in emergency situations. They also provide First Aid and security support at Scout camps and charity events.