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Frequently Asked Questions

Scouts Canada places great importance on creating a fun and safe environment for our members, especially children and youth. How do we create this environment? It’s a reflection of the culture of safety that extends throughout the organization. 

As Canada’s largest youth organization, we are deeply committed to showing leadership in the area of child and youth safety. We truly believe we have a responsibility to help make Canada safer for our children and youth.

If you have questions about Scouts Canada’s safety policies, or have a particular safety issue that you would like to bring to our attention, please contact our Safe Scouting team at or 1-800-339-6643.

For more information about our safety our policies and procedures, screening and training of volunteers and tips and tools to help you and your child get the most out of their Scouting experience visit the Scouting Safety Section.

The KPMG 2012 Report, a thorough analysis of Scouts Canada’s historic records, can be found here.

Prospective Scouters must undergo a stringent screening process. This includes a Police Records Check, a Screening Interview plus three personal references.

Until the screening procedure is fully complete and signed off, individuals may not participate with children.

Our thorough Risk Management policies include a “Two Scouter Rule”.

The Two Scouter Rule is the requirement for two registered Scouters to be with youth at all times.

Notwithstanding Section ratios, two Scouters must always be within the field of view and within earshot of one another when with youth. The Two Scouter rule is an integral part of the Code of Conduct that applies to all Scouts Canada Volunteers and staff.


Successful Scouters know that bringing in resource people to help with activities is a good idea.

Whether it’s the fire department, someone from the orienteering club or any other resource person, people who participate in day events need to be advised exactly the same way as a parent.

As per the Volunteer Screening Procedure, adult resource persons staying overnight do not require references or a police background check.

We encourage parents to get involved in their child’s Scouting activities. In fact, the majority of our volunteers are parents.

This can mean assisting at an event or becoming a Scouter.

However, Scouts Canada believes that it is important for all individuals working with our youth to have proper training and screening to ensure the safest experience for our members.