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Can you get from one side of Canada to the other? Maybe even as far as the other side of the World?

The opportunities are endless!

Working together with your friends in Scouting, how far can you collectively travel as a Patrol or a Group? Can you make it from the west coast of British Columbia all the way to Canada’s east coast in Newfoundland? How far can we go if all the Scouts in Canada work together?

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From May to July, track how many kilometres you or your section hikes, paddles, bikes, or canoes, in fact, any method of movement associated with the outdoor adventure skills.

Together can we make it to the other side of Canada?

Check back here every two weeks to see the next Scouting Landmark as we journey across the Country together. 

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Camp McLean is located along the Little Campbell River outside of Langley, British Columbia.

While the camp has tents and cabins for us humans, the area is a crucial habitat for Salmon spawning, essential wetlands, old field habitat, coastal Douglas-fir woodlands, and salt marshes.  Hiking is the preferred method of exploring here!  

Camp McClean Summer Camp is an excellent opportunity to visit even without your Scout Troop. 


Camp Amisk is located just south of Winnipeg along the LaSalle River. The camp has bush and field campsites and is ideal for evening, one-day, or weekend Scouting Adventures. 


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Canada’s largest Scout Camp, Haliburton Scout Reserve (HSR), completely surrounds Kennibik Lake. Campsites are accessible by water access only, offering a unique Scouting Adventure as Scouts paddle around the lake to all the program features this camp has to offer: swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, archery, trapper's interpretive demonstration, snorkelling, survival island and even a night time “star hike” on a barge in the middle of the Lake. 


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Lake Lovering Scout Reserve is a fantastic property with a lake to swim and boat in. and if that isn’t enough, after a day on the water Scouts can choose between two different types of indoor accommodation the Main Lodge or 4 different cabins. 


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Scouter Support

Download the Scouters Guide

Scout Trek Scouters Guide

There will be several Information Sessions and Mug Ups to ask questions and learn more.

These Information Sessions are for Scouters to learn more about the Summer Challenge, how to submit the kilometres that the youth have travelled, and a time to ask any other questions you might have.

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Mug Ups are designed as a check-in, to see how your youth are progressing through the Challenge. They are a way to celebrate the “wins” and the youth’s adventures. These are an opportunity to be inspired or inspire others to try new things within youth programming. Mug-ups are also a way to share any other exciting adventures that might be coming up.

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Info Sessions and Mug Ups