Rover Scout shares Alps adventure

Author: Sarah Savić Kallesøe

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a new adventure. This year I found an incredible adventure that every Scout should know about. This past summer I went on an unforgettable Scouting trip to the Swiss Alps with 60 rovers from 23 different countries around the world. This adventure is called the Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC) and I would like to share a bit of my story with you!


My name is Sarah and I am a Rover from Burnaby, BC. I’d like to tell you about a special little place nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps — Kandersteg International Scout Centre. This is a place like no other; it is a home for every Scout in the world. The Kandersteg International Scout Centre, or KISC as it’s nicknamed, is a centre which offers a scenic campground, a chalet full of Scout themed guest bedrooms and common areas, and great outdoor programs such as hiking, climbing and educational workshops for guests from all around the world. About 12,000 people visit the centre every year and the staff who keep the centre clean, cater every meal and run all the outdoor programs are Rovers from around the world!

The staff are known as “Pinkies” because the KISC staff uniform is a bright pink shirt and neckerchief! I spent 3 months volunteering as a Pinkie and it was the most incredible Scouting Adventure I’ve had! I woke up every morning smiling because of the amazing team I got to work with. Every day was a new roller coaster — you can never know what to expect!

The Alps

On our days off, the staff would go out and explore the country. Some really amazing trips I did were visiting the Matterhorn, touring the CERN centre in Geneva and taking a cheap bus to Italy for the day. I spent my days off with Rovers from Australia, Mexico, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Algeria, Brazil, Sri Lanka and so many more cultures was eye-opening. KISC is a unique place where you share a season with Rovers from every corner of the globe. I now have friends from every continent in the world (except Antarctica). In June, we all came to KISC in different uniforms but when we left we were all Pinkies.

It was a summer I will never forget and something I would encourage anyone looking for adventure to do.



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